With the arrival of the winter season in the northwest region, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is reminding residents of the steps they can take to properly maintain driveway entry points. 

Additionally, PennDOT is offering some tips for securing mailboxes during the winter: 

  • Ensure the mailbox has a strong support
  • Construct a cantilever mailbox support that will "swing" a mailbox out of harm's way 
  • Clear snow from in front and on the sides of the mailbox, disposing of it properly, not on the roadway
  • Use reflective tape or other material to make the mailbox easier to see during storms or dark hours

PennDOT also urges residents to not shovel snow onto state roads. 

The Department of Transportation recommends moving snow to the right of the driveway and to clear a section prior to the driveway to lessen the amount of snow a plow might push onto the driveway. 

For more information, visit PennDOT's website