After graduating from South Park High School in Allegheny County, Dave Childers joined the Marines in January of 1977.

Once he completed his service time, Childers became a Police Officer.

Then 911 took place and he was ready to volunteer again.

As a Civilian Police Officer, he was assigned to helps soldiers in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

During that time, he endured war time trauma and became depressed, slipping into isolation for five years.

He then discovered the Reboot, Combat and Recovery Civilian program, designed to help combat Vets.

He made progress and eventually wrote a book entitled, "God Sent The Dog."

It's a true story about his friendship with a puppy named Dita.

That Pup has helped Childers and many other Veterans.

Dita brought Childers joy and a sense of loyalty and Dita will celebrate her 10th birthday on Thanksgiving.

All proceeds from the book, support the mission of Purple Heart Homes.

The book can be purchased for 20 dollars on Amazon.