Food is what brings people into this decades old dinor, it's a meeting place holding very special meaning.

Patrick Crotty and his wife frequent the Lawrence Park Dinor on Main Street in Lawrence Park. 

The restaurant is on the national register of historic places, and is considered a gem of Heather Zuber. 

She has worked at the Dinor since high school, and is now the person behind the sought after homemade soups and pies made on site.

The previous owners she worked for, also became her in-laws.

"It was very exciting to meet my husband here at the Dinor," said Zuber. "It holds a very special place in my heart."

The third and new owner is Dawn Van Scoter.

Dawn didn't hesitate when asked what the most popular menu item is.

"Our Greek sauce," said Dawn. "We never freeze our burgers." 

Dawn's dad had always dreamed to own a dinor with his daughter, now she's making that into reality, and honoring his love of classic cars.

Dawn added events at the Dinor, like the first ever classic car show over the summer.

Dawn, who is known for being on the reality show Undercover Billionaire for her work at her other decor business in North East, is bringing some flavor from other businesses to the Dinor. 

Like the Dinor's signature coffee blend coming from The Bean in North East. 

Other items are sold at the donor too, like her candles, and Dinor gear with a new look.

But she wants to honor the ambiance of this longtime breakfast and lunch location, and is working with the Lawrence Park Historical Society.

"I am working to get true vintage antique Erie centric local nostalgia," said Dawn. 

The history, the customers, and the staff are crucial to what this business is.

And for people who can't get out to the Lawrence Park Dinor in the morning or afternoon when it closes, Dawn is working on starting a Supper Club.

A Community Gem honoring legacy and continued memories being made.