The end of the year means New Year's resolutions and this year's most popular promise is exercising more. According to Statista, exercising more is the top resolution for Americans heading into 2023, followed by eating healthier and losing weight. One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is by joining a gym.

Tyler Travis, director of Erie Sports Now Fitness and Performance Center says, "we see across the U.S. people start a program and then they drop out." His advice to people who are just starting out is to not overwork yourself and risk dropping out of your program.

"One day at a time, focus on the process, and you'll accomplish your goals. Consistency is the key," he said.

Travis also said that the benefits of exercising go beyond just physical health. "There's a lot of benefits to exercising besides just the health benefits, some of those are feeling more confident in yourself and having the ability to do things that maybe you wouldn't have done before, he said.