As we are winding down our year-long series Vietnam Reflections, we are remembering one local solider and his ultimate sacrifice.

Harborcreek High School Graduate, Senior Airman Bryan Bell was killed in action on this day, eleven years ago.

His tour of duty started in Iraq and ended in Afghanistan on January 5, 2012.

Senior Airman Bell was 23 years old.  Thank you for your service.

Our Reflections series will end in three weeks and tonight we are featuring Mary Anne Dalessio.

A U.S. Army Nurse who grew up in Townville, Pa.

She did a 24-month tour of duty in Vietnam.

Dalessio, now 90 years old, was in charge of her unit and assisted on many medical emergencies.

She still has many sleepless nights about her time in Vietnam.

24-hour shifts to treat the wounded was commonplace.

Dalessio spent over 20 years in the military and retired with the rank of Major.