Parents want to know their children are safe and cared for during the day when they may be at work, especially little ones who are not yet school-age. 

An Erie County native is growing her home daycare, helping a range of ages now. She's also getting ready for big changes later this year. 

Helping young minds what Mary Euell does.

She's the owner of Barbs Family Learning Group Daycare on West 20th Street in Erie. Open each weekday from 7am to 7pm.

"I accept kids ages 6 weeks to 12 years old," said Mary. "When I first opened I was a family daycare where I could only have 6 kids per shift, later on in 2019 I bridged over and became group to where I could have 12 kids per shift. I wanted to offer more services to more children."

Mary said after 13 years of working with mostly disabled children, in public and private setting, she wanted to  open her own place

"So I could prepare children and be ready for kindergarten," said Mary. "Be ready to take tests, be able to read, be able to spell their name, succeed in school."

She accesses children based on their developmental stages.

"If they have an IUP or they have behavioral issues I'm here to help," said Mary.

iPad learning is also offered. Additionally, Mary provides meals in house, from breakfast to dinner if needed.

The service she provides is something her parents always hoped for. Barb, who the center is named in memory of, and Harry who was a Pastor and always wanted to help more area families.

Mary is also able to transport children too, thanks to a van in cooperation with the Erie Redevelopment Authority. That's just one part of new additions, the 5 year anniversary of the daycare is almost here and with it comes some big plans.

There's plans for the center to move from the current house to a building off West 18th owned by the Crime Victims Center of Erie County.

Two floors would be utilized foe the learning center, and one area would be cleared for a gymnasium. 

"We're hoping to service at least 50 kids 60 kids or more," said Mary.

Some she says even coming just for a day, all in an effort to help more families in need of care for the next generation.

Mary said she hopes to by in the new place by the summer.