Every Thursday for the past 12 months, Erie News Now honored local Vietnam Veterans and their families.

In our final segment, we are featuring Dick Kennedy of North East, Pa.

Dick was part of a State Champion 880 relay team under legendary Coach Ted Miller at North East.

"We lived on a farm, and I couldn't afford new track shoes," he told Erie News Now. "Before the start of the season, there was a new pair of shoes in my locker. I know Coach Miller bought me those shoes, but he wouldn't admit it. I think about him every day. " 

One year after High School graduation in 1963, Dick Kennedy was on his way to Vietnam.

He told Erie News Now, "We were a bunch of young kids, cowboys if you will, and once you got there, you just got used to it."

Kennedy's tour of duty lasted 13 months in Vietnam and over 50 years since he served, the memories are still fresh.

Lilly Broadcasting and Erie News Now will continue to honor local Veterans throughout 2023.

Our new series, "Remembering Our Veterans", begins Thursday January 26th, at 6:00 P.M.