The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry has released its preliminary employment situation report for December 2022. 

Pennsylvania's unemployment rate was down one-tenth of a percentage point for the month to 3.9% in December. 

This sets a new record low. Additionally, the U.S. unemployment rate was also down one-tenth of a point over the month, falling to 3.5 percent. 

Pennsylvania's civilian labor force (the estimated number or residents working or looking for work) was up 9,000 over the month of December. 

The employment count rose by 11,000 and unemployment declined by 1,000. 

The Department of Labor & Industry said from April 2020 to December 2022, Pennsylvania recovered approximately 95% of jobs lost in the first two months of the pandemic. 

More information on the preliminary employment situation report can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry website