Erie County Executive Brenton Davis is planning an initiative to address homelessness throughout the county.

On any given day, nearly 1100 people are homeless in Erie county.

And after visiting some of the overflow shelters during the recent deep freeze, Davis said he's made helping the homeless a priority.

So he plans to start a coalition made up of local shelters, churches, and other agencies who help the homeless.

By joining forces, Davis said the initiative will help determine how to direct county and American rescue plan funding towards homelessness services. 

"We really want to start to get to the route of the problem," said Davis. "To make intelligent, data-driven investments towards the route causes of these problems, to wrap these folks in these social services to help them remove the barriers that affect them and dissuade them or affect their ability to have that upward mobility."

Davis said his administration is in the early stages of planning, and will continue to look into this issue in the weeks to come.