A man was rescued from Elk Creek on Thursday night after someone reported hearing a person screaming for help while getting ready for bed, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

It was reported around 10:40 p.m. in the 3000 block of N. Creek Rd. in Girard Township.

Troopers who responded determined the screams appeared to be coming from the Elk Creek area near a train trestle and located a man on a muddy bank of the flood waters near the trestle, State Police said.

The man was soaked, appeared to be suffering from hypothermia and was slipping in and out of consciousness, according to troopers.

State police coordinated a rescue from both side of Elk Creek with help from Dobler Hose Volunteer Fire Department, Lake City Fire, Fairview Fire Rescue, Lake Shore Fire and West County EMS.

Rescue crews lowered emergency blankets down the embankment with a rope for the man, troopers said.

They then tied rescue rope to the bridge beams and sent two ropes over a 30-foot embankment, which allowed the man to wrap the rope around his torso and waist, according to state police. Other crews also tied several ropes together and prepared to enter the water to rescue the man in case he lost consciousness.

Rescuers used the system of ropes to pull the man to safety, carry him several hundred feet up an embankment, load him onto a trailer and take him to an ambulance, according to troopers.

He was then transported to the hospital to be checked out.