Over the past eleven months, people across the world have stepped up to help those in Ukraine, including people at the First Ukrainian Pentecostal Church in Erie.

Andrii Malin, a member of the church recalls when the war began  "We all remember the night, especially as Ukrainians when that happened. And I think I personally have and probably will for the rest of my life, most likely have some kind of PTSD. "

It's been nearly a year since Russia invaded Ukraine and since that moment and in the midst of tragedy, people all over the world have shown support, including  here in Erie. "But darkness is still being overshadowed or being shined by good deeds. So I think that I have personal experience as well as. On one side, horrific, horrendous part of humanity that I would just like, 'how can people be like this?' And they are heartless and just sadistic. And on the other side, I've seen people that are just so kind and people that are so sacrificial", described Malin.

The First Ukrainian Pentecostal Church has held fundraisers and help organized donations to be shipped over to Ukraine. Their latest initiative is an authentic dinner set for January 29. "The purpose of this is to gather funds to support or continue to support, as we have been this year, as, you know, this horrendous war", explained Malin.

There will be a variety of authentic Ukrainian dishes and a place for people to give any monetary donations. All the money raised goes directly to those overseas.
Malin explained where the money goes, "So we would like pay for gas, any kind of expenses to transport some people from one place or the country to another. That would be one of them to provide."

No matter how much is donated, Malin said every bit goes a long way, "And we pray, hoping that it's going to end and it's not going to end without us putting something into it."

The dinner is set for Sunday, January 29 at 1:00 at First Ukrainian Pentecostal Church at 3510 Pine Avenue, no reservation is required and take-out is available.

Meantime, the church will be partnering with Logistics Plus again every Saturday in February from 10:00 until 2:00 collecting clothing and medical supplies to send over to Ukraine. The donation drop-off will be at 205 West 12 street.