Most auto body repair shops typically see an increase in crashes following winter storms, when the roads are cold and slippery. But with this year's lack of snow, how have repair shops adapted?

Victor Irizary, Owner & Operator of Prestige Auto Body, says his shop has actually seen an increase in customers, but not from winter driving accidents.

"We have actually seen an increase of accidents because it's been sunny it's been nice," said Irizary. "Actually, on a sunny day, there's more accidents because of more people out, and the [sun] glare."

Irizary also says rain has affected driving conditions, and by extension, caused more accidents.

He says despite the increased business, his profits haven't changed too much due to supply chain issues.

"It's actually been getting a little bit better, even though some parts are actually two weeks out," continued Irizary. "I mean, we would like it to call and [have it] just be here the next day, but [it's] two weeks out. So it puts the job two weeks behind."