The citation from Erie County Council recognized a series of personal stories of local Vietnam veterans and their families.

"The whole series is great. I'm glad it's continuing on for another year. There are generations out there that haven't got a clue about Vietnam. Thanks to Mike, we're out there now, and people are hearing our stories, and it's marvelous," said Vietnam veteran Ken Kensill.

When The Wall That Heals memorial was cleared to make it's way to Erie, that signaled the starting point for the series. And when the wall was in town on Memorial Day weekend, the community showed overwhelming support.

"As it was presented with the wall coming to town, it was just fantastic. I understand that we had the most visitors out of any group. . . Between 1400 and 1500 visitors which was just tremendous," Vietnam veteran Dennis Newara said.

That Memorial Day in May, still resonates in the tri-county area

"The Wall that Heals was a unique time for Erie, and bringing the wall here to honor the Vietnam veterans and to honor the fallen. It was a great emotional outpouring on the part of the community and certainly that continues today, and hopefully the foreseeable future," Joe Pfadt said. 

The stories shared on Vietnam Reflections and The Wall That Heals, all aim to honor those who served.

"Those veterans that have scarified their lives for us, and given us the freedoms and the life that we have, we can't be more grateful to them and showing them our support," Pfadt said.