River Otters are back in Erie and the Tom Ridge Environmental Center has proof to show that they visited Presque Isle. Environmental Education Specialists at TREC say this is the first ever documented evidence of the animals. Ray Bierbower, an Environmental Education Specialist at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, says, "this is our unicorn that we've been after for quite a while so to finally to get it is really exciting."

Bierbower says they have been removing excess aquatic plants that are taking up space and that is allowing animal species to return. "We've been removing those plants and through that process we are starting to see native species come back and use these areas," he said.

Brian Gula says even though the footage shows the animals on land, they can also handle themselves underwater. "They can be underwater for about four minutes at a time," Gula says. "While they are underwater they can travel about a quarter of a mile so if you happen to see one go under, you may not see it again." he said.

You can join Bierbower and Gula on the last Wednesday of every month for their virtual meetings, Wildlife Wednesday, where they show images and videos of animals they find on Presque Isle.