On cold days like this, you might be dreaming of a Caribbean get away. One local couple with a love of traveling is working to make travel experiences more well-rounded.

Beach getaways are popular. The love of travel and connecting with others is what spurred this Erie County couple to create: Away Together for others who frequently travel. 

"In October we launched at the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association marketplace in Puerto Rico and simultaneously we launched in the hotels we are currently in in Barbados," said Melanie. 

Melanie Brewer and her husband John Beuchert. 

Aim to connect visitors with others, and get them the best vacation stay possible.

"One of the components of Away Together is the ability for the accommodation to notify its guests for any issues," said Melanie. "Whether its menu issues, the pool is closed because currently they're putting pieces of paper under the door and if you think about it, it decreases level of experience." 

The download is free and available for Android and Apple users. 

Resort owners pay a small monthly fee to use it, but why the Caribbean?

"The Caribbean has the highest concentration of small to medium size accommodation which is our target market," said Melanie. "And most of those hotel owners have sister locations on different islands." 

Additionally, it allows guests on site to also communicate with each other.

"If I'm staying in Barbados and you're staying in Barbados and we both have families that want to go to somewhere at the top of the island why wouldn't we want to share a cab ride," said Melanie. 

The app will also be able to provide more than just the best restaurants around, it will also allow vacationers to immerse themselves in the local community.

All in a paperless and immediate way. 

Later on the app will have different parts of the world added. More Caribbean islands, and next: Florida,  bringing the amenities of the app stateside.