A basement can be a place to play, work out or even store items. But the lower level can also be a spot where water settles and potentially create damage.

And when that happens, three brothers hope they can help. 

Working with dark, murky water is part of the job. A job centered around bringing basements back to safe conditions for customers.

"Anytime they have a water problem, foundation problem, or mold issue," said Michael Perry. 

Michael Perry is the president of ARK Basement Services. It's a small, family owned business run by him and his two brothers after learning the trade from their dad in Pittsburgh. 

"We started the business basically on our hands and knees and learning it from the ground up," said Perry.

They have created a "ground crew" for their almost 20 year strong business. They branched from the steel City to Erie six years ago.

"When there's rain, and snow melts," said Perry. "There's a need for it." 

We captured ARK in action inside a multi-roomed basement dealing with major water issues. Their all- local crew situated themselves for days there, tackling a variety of issues 

"We feel like every customer that we go to, the solution we gave them is as if they were our family," said Jim Perry Jr.

And a family member is on site at every job.

The business primarily focuses on the residential jobs although they do do commercial as well. But 98 percent of the work they do is based on the water table locally.

"The majority of all the ground is flat," said Jim. "We also know the amount of precipitation is doubled what it is once you reach Interstate 80."

And a lot of their business is with real estate, for home buyers and sellers. 

"On the disclosure form," said Jim. "That's one of the top things required when you have a home inspection." 

Whatever the extent of the job may be, the aim is to improve what they were called in, to do. 

ARK is expanding. Just a few weeks ago, an office opened in Akron, Ohio.

The owners hope to add another one in Columbus, Ohio in the next two years.