WASHINGTON, D.C. - In two weeks, it will mark one year of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. Many soldiers and civilians have died from the war, buildings destroyed and the attacks on Ukraine continue. There’s a group of refugees with a unique skill set making their way around the world to keep sharing what is happening in their country. 

The United Ukrainian Ballet is a ballet company comprised of 65 refugee ballerinas. They fled Ukraine for safety but are putting on performances around the world to remind people of what is going on in Ukraine. 

Their piece is called “Giselle”. The ballerinas describe it as a story about love, betrayal, madness and forgiveness. All themes that resonate with them with their current situation. Many of these ballerinas have been dancing all their life and couldn't continue dancing when the war began. They're now on a world tour, making stops in London, Australia and in Washington, D.C. to keep the spotlight on the situation happening in their home country.  

We met up with these ballerinas when they performed at the famous Kennedy Center in D.C. They are happy to continue their work as artists but it's a struggle for them because many of them still have their parents or grandparents in Ukraine. Tune in Monday night, February 13th for our special coverage on the Ukrainian Ballet: The Arts and War.