A longtime Erie County farming family is expanding what they provide to the public. 

Mark Troyer and his two sons are lifelong farmers from Waterford, potatoes have been the root of the family business. 

Troyer Farms, off Route 97, that's where potatoes are grown and picked for the neighboring potato chip plant the Troyer family owned for many years.

"A lot of sleepless nights thinking about things, a lot of late nights working out in the field and seeing it all come together in the end," said Colton Troyer. "Very satisfying feeling."

A feeling with a now, added focus, Farmulated.

"Farmulated was actually founded with the intention of actually using botanicals and natural plant based products that are healthy and good for our consumers," said Mark Troyer, Owner & Founder. 

The new company started with a several year journey to get an organic certification. Mark Troyer showed off the beginning stages of an organic certified grow room. 

The newest ventured are these locally grown micro-greens, everything from broccoli to even radishes are turned into capsules. 

The vegetable capsules are all grown on site, and Katie Wellmon is the company chemist that gets them to that point.

"Once they come to me,  they get frozen. After they've been frozen for at least 24 hours they will go into the freeze dryer," said Katie. "They'll come out here on trays like this. I will take them once the full batch is completed and I will grind them." 

Katie is also the point person for Farmulated's CBD products.

Everything from oils, gummies, and roll on salve. Including a product line for pets.

"When you boil it down CBD isn't a drug," said Katie. "It's a natural substance that's found in plants and its used to help a variety of different things." 

And that's just what the Troyer family wants to provide to the public, variety. 

Just like the potatoes of the past are helping to shape the local organic potato-growing for the future.

"We think its kind of crazy to be shipping food from California when we can grow it locally," said Zack Troyer. 

And while its the beginning stages for these new ventures, the family relies on their longstanding legacy of growing something for a tangible product.