What is old is coming back, certain jewelry trends that is. Pure gold, thick wedding bands for men and fancy shapes for women, but fashion jewelry is always changing.

Those behind one family business know the changes all too well. Their years of helping local families from birth to beyond continues with a new generation behind the glass counter.

Wiping glass jewelry cases was the first job for Katherine Dahlkemper at the business her parents, Ed and Christine, started, more than 25 years ago.

"My dad would slip me a dollar because not that I'm that old but a dollar was a big deal," said Katherine. 

A transition from taking naps under her moms desk. Katherine grew up in the business, got a masters degree and jewelry certifications and is now the assistant manager at Dahlkemper's Jewelry Connection off Peach Street in Erie County.

"When I was fifteen my mom got me my working papers and I started part-time here," said Katherine. 

Now, a mix of both part-time and full-time employees work to serve anyone coming through the doors.

Helpings people pick engagement rings, wedding bands, gem stones, unique gifts, appraisals, and create custom designed items. 

Repairs are also a big part of the business. 

"We restore and we do everyday maintenance and repairs to peoples rings 18 just like the tread of our tires," said Erin Patton. "The prongs on our rings wear down and we have to build them back up sometimes." 

Master jeweler Erin Patton has worked at Dahlkemper's Jewelry Connection for 17 years.

"We have customers that have a design idea of their own," said Patton. "They want to bring their vision and their reality to use so we can make it a reality for them." 

But the reality is more than just jewelry at this business.

"You never know what that person coming in the door needs," said Katherine. "And of course it is a service or a piece of jewelry or a watch battery but so much more its a hug." 

Said straight by one of the top 20 jewelers in America under age 40, and a team wanting to bring sparkle, shine and a smile to their customers.

This Saturday, February 25th, is the second and final wedding band event Dahlkemper's Jewelry Connection will be holding for couples, at the Peach Street store.