"The family values here are just incredible," said Andrew Halmi. That's just what we do."

Halmi started skiing at family-owned Mount Pleasant of Edinboro when he was just two years old. He's now the general manager of the ski resort which started in 1970.

"There are generations of people who have learned how to ski here," said Halmi. "You can learn how to ski here and go on to do anything."

The resort offers beginner to advanced classes and private or semi-private sessions for skiers.

"The kids get lessons and learn to ski," said Dan Jordan, employee and skier. "They can start off without knowing anything - not even know how to put on their ski boots - and they can learn to become an expert."

There may be one chairlift, but the rides have helped so many make great outdoor memories.

"We draw a lot from Erie and Crawford County, but we also get a lot of skiers from the Pittsburgh and Cleveland areas as well," said Halmi.

They can enjoy the region's only eight-lane snow tube park, a magic carpet lift just installed this season, 10 total slopes and a full-service lodge and kitchen.

"It gives us our winter playground that other towns don't have right now in western Pennsylvania," said Buck Tarbell, skier.

Tarbell said the people and the snow make the intimate resort a community gem.

"At any given time, we can convert 1,200 gallons of water a minute into snow," said Halmi. "We have 35 snow guns here on the slopes."

Slopes in view from his house.

The Mount Pleasant house, a six-bedroom home which offers a view of the slopes, will be available for short-term vacation rentals starting this summer.

That's not the only addition ahead.

"We'd like to expand on the lodge, expand on snowmaking, and we'd like to add another chairlift at some point," said Halmi.