One of the most difficult and heartrending things for a pet owner to do is put their beloved animal into a carrier and take it to the vet. In some cases, that duty can be avoided.  Registered veterinary technicians are available to care for your pet.  And… they make house calls.

Patti Cioccio is a registered veterinary technician based in Erie.  We tagged along on one of her house calls.  She visited a cat named Brawler and his owner Rick Skippon.  Patti is not a stranger and Brawler was happy to see her.  

"Getting to know the people, the clients, they're like family almost.  Actually, they really are.  They turn into that,” says Patti.   

Patti came to see Brawler to trim his nails. Patti cannot do everything a veterinarian is licensed and trained to do.  However, she worked as a technician in a vet's office for 30 years.  She knows animals and she can provide services such as post-op care.  She will monitor an animal's progress and even give it its medicine. She provided that kind of care to Brawler when he recently was treated for a dental issue.  Rick works from home as a graphic designer.  He is glad Patti makes house calls. Even for a nail trim.

"It's great.  Instead of having to pick him up, make an appointment at the groomers or the pet store, put him in a carrier and take time to go do that, Patti comes here.  She does it right here and takes care of everything.  It's super convenient,” says Rick.  

Patti started working as a traveling veterinary technician one month before COVID shut everything down.  When veterinarian offices re-opened, they were booked solid.  The demand for Patti's services grew.   She did not want to retire from animal care after her 30 years working inside the veterinary office.  She's now very happy making house calls. 

"It's just been a passion,” Patti says.  “Just knowing that we can make such an impact on an animal's life.  It's just the best feeling ever."

Patti will make a house call to anywhere in Erie County. Her business is called Professional Veterinary Technician Services of Northwest Pennsylvania. To make an appointment, go to Patti’s web site,