WASHINGTON, D.C. - Students from union City are on a field trip of a lifetime this weekend. They’re visiting one of the most powerful places on earth: Washington, D.C. 

After the hours long trek from northwest Pennsylvania, middle school students from Union City take in the stunning sites inside our nation's capital building.  

Elliana Chapman and Evan Stull are two of the 43 students on an overnight field trip to Washington, D.C. They’re visiting popular places like the Arlington National Cemetery, museums, monuments and of course, a tour of the Capitol.  

“We’ve walked around a lot and toured every place and Mr. Woj has taught us about the history of every place so that’s been very nice,” said Chapman.  

“It’s really stunning and it’s cool seeing how many people have been here, historic figures that have been here,” said Stull.  

It’s the second time in the last five years they’ve been able to take students on this unique trip.  

“For some people it may just be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be here,” said Union City Middle School Principal Adam Shrout. “There’s just so much rich history that it’s so important for our kids to remember that.” 

The students certainly aren’t wasting any time. We saw them participate in the Capitol tour, answer questions and even asking questions of their own. Their principal is happy to see how engaged they are. 

“It makes me proud and I know it makes their 8th grade social studies teacher Mrs. Nott very proud as well asking questions about history and contributing to that as well and so she’ll be very proud of that,” said Shrout.  

As for the kids, they're excited to walk around a city so rich in history.  

“It’s really such a good opportunity to come here and see such a historical place,” said Chapman. 

“I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be here,” said Stull.