Two coworkers partnering on a project for work, have embarked on a new venture. This week's Giving You the Business report will introduce you to them and what their new business offers for other women looking to reach certain career goals.

These two businesswomen have a labor of love. 

"There are many nights that we are getting off of our day job taking of care of our children making dinner and then dashing to our other office," said Lee'a Thigpen, COO.

The working moms started what's called: The Corporate Class. But what is it?

"A development professional readiness program for women of color predominately for 18 to 24," said Heather Christie Morris, CEO. 

Heather Christie Morris is the CEO. She and Lee'a Thigpen, the COO, were nominated for a leadership program through their employer.

"It was the response from the community at large that allowed us to begin thinking about a business," said Morris. 

That's how The Corporate Class started its offerings. 

"From resumes to workplace situations to developing oneself," said Thigpen. "And how to advocate for oneself." 

Since it officially began in September of 2022, the women have done podcasts and connected with other ladies looking to navigate tough spaces in corporate careers. 

That includes a free four week pinnacle leader program for 90 minutes, two nights a week. 

At the end of that, there's a mixer where members of the community are invited and the ladies who have conquered the program can put their networking skills into play.

Again. That labor of love.

"We're paying for this out of our own pockets right now," said Thigpen. "So, there's a lot of things to navigate, looking for grants or funding and looking for partnerships so we have to spend a lot of time doing research."

Time spent making a difference in the life of ladies in the Erie region through three C's: Coach. Consult. Connect. 

Next weekend, the ladies will host a workshop centered around corporate readiness. Its at the Her Power event at Erie's Sheraton Bayfront Hotel.