For many, caffeine is key to staying awake and alert throughout the day. As busy as the day may be, health professionals tell us that putting down the coffee cup will help us get better sleep.

"People think, oh, like, why do we sleep? If you really think about it, we are the only animals in the world that actually try to stop something that nature is trying to tell us to do," said Dr. Amy Parente.

According to Professor Dr. Parente of Mercyhurst University, the only way to truly feel awake is to listen to your body and get the proper rest when needed.

"I try to tell people to not have caffeine after lunch because depending on where you fall on that spectrum, it can negatively impact your ability to sleep at night."

Feeling tired is a symptom of dehydration, so if you're feeling a little more tired, try reaching for a glass of water instead of the coffee cup.