Faced with a $5.5 million deficit by next year, the Crawford County Commissioners are looking to sell Crawford County Care Center.

The 157-bed nursing home has served the Crawford County community since 1990.

According to Crawford County Commissioner Eric Henry, a majority of the residents are insured through Medicaid, which only covers a portion of their stay.

"For years, the care center has struggled in regards to reimbursement from Medicaid beds," said Henry. "85 percent of our beds are Medicaid, and every bed we have is about $105.00 short from what it actually costs to provide the services."

As a result, Henry says the county sees an $8,000 deficit each day at the care center.

"The next couple of years, it will add up to several million dollars," said Henry. "Until the state will intervene and increase reimbursement rates, it's something that's just not sustainable."
Staff shortages have also been an issue.

"It's been a challenge," said Henry. "Last year, we hired 82 people and we lost 84, so it gives you an idea of the struggle. That's every industry of course. There's a very large shortage of CNAs and LPNs, and that's become a challenge for us. We had to close a wing because we can't take more admissions because of that."

The commissioners are planning to put the facility up for sale.

"In a best case scenario, we sell it by July," said Henry. "I would caution everyone to understand that if we can't find a partner, we're going to commit to continuing to operate the home. The idea is to see if we can find a partner out there. We won't accept anything with substandard care."