The Erie Humane Society is investigating a case of animal cruelty, after a dog was found shot on the side of a street in North East.

Last Thursday, the Erie Humane Society received a call from a local veterinary hospital after a pit bull-mix named Dean was dropped off, suffering from gunshot wounds and hypothermia.

The dog had been shot in the head and shoulder.

"This is pretty severe," said Erie Humane Officer Brian Carroll. "A gunshot wound to an animal is about the most severe case that I've worked on."

The shooting left Dean blind in one eye, and veterinarians had to amputate his right front leg.
"This is never the answer," said Carroll. "If this is your choice you make to want to put your dog down for whatever reason, this is never the choice you should make."

Investigators believe the shooting happened off of Dam Site Road in North East.

According to Carroll, the dog was shot in field before he crawled to the side of the road where he was found by a good Samaritan. Carroll says the fact that he didn't die, is shocking.

"The veterinarian was very surprised," said Carroll. "The gunshot wound to the head didn't hit the skull, didn't hit the brain. It went through some muscle, did some nerve damage, which is probably the cause of the loss of sight in the eye."

Carroll is trying to track down the person who pulled the trigger.

"I'm hoping to find who did this and I'm hoping that they will face charges," said Carroll. "This is illegal. It's a felony."