Students at McDowell High School are petitioning the school administration to install a memorial plaque for Alyssa Hall, a student who died last December.

Hall was hit and later killed by a car while crossing Zuck Rd. to get to her bus stop.

Some students on Facebook have said the school is not allowing the plaque to be installed, but Dr. Ian Roberts, superintendent of Millcreek Township School District, says they're open to the idea.

"It is [the students'] intention to work with the school's administration to handle these plaques," said Roberts.

"We have had two students who we've lost tragically in this past year, Alyssa being one of them. And while historically, as a [school] district, we have never hung plaques to memorialize students, we are certainly not opposed to that. But that hasn't necessarily been brought to my office as a request."

Millcreek Township School District has also reworked its bus routes to be safer for its students, including the stop at Zuck Rd. where Hall was hit.

"171 bus stops were changed, impacting about 354 students," continued Roberts. "Instead of having a student cross the street to catch the bus, the bus will instead come around, and the bus will be on the side of the road that the student has to enter the bus."

PennDOT Press Officer Jill Harry said via a phone call that traffic experts will study speed limits and traffic to determine if changes can be made.