Local leaders are saying that a lot of good things came out of Tuesday night's EMS and Fire Seminar but we are still in a crisis. Emergycare, a nonprofit organization who primarily provides EMS Services for the city of Erie, is dealing with problems like lack of staffing and wage issues.

David Basnak, President and Executive Director of Emergycare, said his organization is not the only one dealing with these issues. "When you see me and our competitor sitting on the same side of the table and telling you the same message, it is probably safe to say that the message is accurate," Basnak said.

He said financial support from the city of Erie would help. "For 39 years in Emergycare's history the city has not had to pay for it, insurance has been able to cover to this point," he said.

Erie Mayor Joe Schember did not rule out financially supporting Emergycare. "What they do is very important and we can not let that organization die, they are responsive, they help people, they save a lot of lives, and we have to help them," Schember said.