The Sarah A. Reed Children's Center is celebrating Sarah A. Reed's birthday! To celebrate the trail blazer and Women's History Month, the Sarah A. Reed Children's Center hosted a Women in Leadership brunch down on the bayfront. 

The agency's staff, board of directors and women's auxiliary came together to learn more about Reed's history, and awarded two people for their impact on one of Erie's oldest human services.  

Adrienne Dixon, the President and CEO of Sarah A. Reed Children's Center, is proud to carry on the legacy begun by Sarah Reed and the center's founding group of women by inspiring other woman to join leadership roles. 

"When we look at women who are in leadership roles, particularly top executive roles. There's still a disproportionate number of women in those platforms and in those rooms in comparison to our male counterparts," said Dixion. "So, we want to encourage our employees and our community roles who want to emerge as leaders." 

Sarah Reed serves 1,700 children and families from Erie County and across the commonwealth.