The story of Sydney Benes, the 22-year-old double amputee, and her wheelchair has been receiving heavy attention from all around the globe.

After last Saturday's incident, when junior Mercyhurst hockey player Carson Briere pushed Benes' empty wheelchair down a set of stairs at Sullivan's Pub and Eatery, a response of outcries poured in left and right across social platforms.

Many were searching for a way to help.

Julia Zukowski, an employee at Sullivan's, and Nate Sanders, the head of security at Sullivan's, decided to take action. 

"I look at the chair kind of like a motorcycle helmet," Sanders said. "Once you wreck in it, you replace it." 

The chair was still functional but not ideal with the damages according to Sanders. 

Zukowski and Sanders teamed up to create a GoFundMe for Benes, initially intending to raise $1500 to replace the chair.

It raised over $8000.

Benes, on the other hand, intends to use a portion of the money elsewhere, hoping to gift the money to someone else in need.

"She definitely has compassion with other people," Sanders said.