This week's Community Gem takes you inside a place that isn't like any other in the Erie-area. And it's all about using your wits. 

The place, is called: 5 Wits, where you can pick an adventure and create your own ending.

A storybook comes to life, you can help catch the dragon that flies away and save a princess in the process.

That's inside Drago's Castle, just one of the three immersive adventures at 5 Wits located inside the Millcreek Mall.

"So it's almost like a real life story where you get to be the players," said Carlie Kress. "Like storytelling meets video games." 

Carlie Kress is the operations manager. She says this location is one of a handful in the nation, and is geared to ages 7 and older.

"We have groups of college kids and families and grandparents love it and we're actually handicapped accessible too," said Kress. 

The rooms accommodate groups of 2 to 12 people

So, how does it all work? Whenever you pay for your adventure, you come into this back room area, and meet with a tour guide. There's security cameras, and exits in every adventure. 

The tour guide is able to stop the adventure if need be, as well. 

Back in the castle, there's puzzles to solve and objects that move. Then, there's an opening to crawl through that will take you to different rooms for additional parts of the story. 

In the Tomb Adventure, a Pharaoh awaits in a darkened room that leads to others, and the third adventure is called Espionage. 

You can enter through a crawl space that takes you into an area of lighted objects awaiting your arrival.

As you move through this experience, watch out for lasers and when you dip over or under them there's a special take off at the end. 

Though its all about fun, scores are shown at the end for visitors. Visitors can also rent out party rooms available, and use their wits as their fuel for adventure. 

5 Wits is located near Round One at the Millcreek Mall. Tickets are $29.99 per adventure, but if you purchase a second adventure its 50 percent off.