The Gliding Stars of Erie hosted their 23rd annual show, Viva Ice Vegas at the Mercyhurst Ice Center. The program helps kids with disabilities ice skate. The event also featured a performance from members of the Mercyhurst Men's Hockey Team. 

Ethan Fuller, a Gliding Stars Skater said, "sometimes you have to never give up and if you get that one moment you just have to take it."

Mayor Joe Schember admired the kids' hard work. "They are very good, you just can not get enough of watching them and all they are doing," Schember said.

Kurt Nova, of the Gliding Stars of Erie, was impressed by the men's hockey team. "They are wonderful, absolutely hilarious to watch, and they really pour their hearts into our adaptive skating program," Nova said.

Linda Althof, of the Gliding Stars of Erie said the hockey team loves to help the kids, including Carson Brière. "The college team, including him, support us, they come every Monday night to skate with us and support our kids and we are just forever grateful," Althof said.