March is recognized as Women's History Month. In Erie, there's dozens of female business owners who have made their mark in Erie.

From teaching Pilates, to consulting and making popcorn, these are just a handful of local businesses run by women in the community.

Heidi Bemiss, the owner of the Original Popcorn House explained, "Women are ambitious and we have a lot of energy and we have a way of working with others that allows us to balance and accomplish all the things that probably most women have going on in."

But it wasn't always this way, local business owners said it took a lot of strong women to lay the foundation for female leaders today.
Genevieve DeRose, the owner of Inner Balance Pilates explained, "It's important for women to learn from those who paved the way in the past, but also be pavers for those who come after us and it's not a month just to acknowledge the fact that we are here to learn from others and also teach others."

Teaching others also comes in the form of mentoring and empowering other women.
Kate Philips, the co-owner and CEO of Parker Philips explained, "Feminism is about viewing a person as a whole, not just the better half of another person. And so we should all be feminist, not just in March, but every month and every day and view each other has as a whole person that values the other person and who deserves respect."

Whether their doors have been open for four years or twenty years, business leaders like DeRose said she's learned a lot since she open her yoga studio for the first time. "So what I've learned is if you just keep your nose to the ground and stay in your lane and work really hard, you can you can you can be anything that comes your way ", said DeRose.

What's her advice to another women looking to make a change during Women's History Month? "I think it's important for those in business to also have a younger mentor and someone who's come before you. There's a lot we can learn from one another", answered DeRose.

ATHENA Powerlink is another organization that helps female business owners with resources. Next month they have their ATHENA Speaks series where they will have a panel talking about females in sports.