The warm weather season is fast approaching.   It will be a season of parties, weddings, and community events.  There are two pigs in the Crawford County community of Cochranton that want to have some fun in the upcoming months.  They're waiting to be invited to some parties.

They are the Tree Family Party Piggies. Perry and Willow.  They are available to provide entertainment for just about any event that anyone is planning. Their owners, Donavan and Maribeth Lacy, say having these pigs at your party or special event is something that will be remembered.

"I think a lot of people are looking for unique entertainment,” says Maribeth.  “We bring joy.  That's like the biggest thing that we're excited about.  Spreading joy everywhere.”   

Why would a young married couple with an 18-month old son start a Party Pig business?  While dating, Donavan sent Maribeth funny pictures of pigs to cheer her up while she was recovering from Lyme Disease.  Maribeth later decided that she would love to have some real live pigs.  Enter Perry and Willow.  The pigs moved into the Lacy's home two years ago while the couple was living in the center of Meadville.

"We lived right on The Diamond.  So we would walk them around town,” says Donavan. “It never failed.  We would get bombed by people. People would want to take pictures.  People would want to pet them.  It was great."   

The pigs missed that public interaction when the Lacy’s moved to a home on the outskirts of Cochranton.  So, six months ago, Donavan and Maribeth decided to take the pigs on the road for parties and special events.  The animals dress-up in various costumes. They will do tricks. They will step up and pose with you for a picture. They will be glad to get some paint on their snouts and paint a wonderful piece of art for you.

"Just in the past six months it's evolved and exploded.  It's been wild,” says Donavan.  

Speaking of wild… if you dare…your party can even have a Pig Kissing Booth.

"You know, some people don't want to kiss a pig.  That's fine. We're not going to force anybody. But, so many people are just thrilled about the idea,” says Maribeth.

The pigs are available to visit nursing homes, schools, fund raisers, and private parties. They can even be a part of your wedding.  To learn all the things the party pigs can offer or to find out how to schedule Perry and Willow for your special event, log onto the Tree Family Party Piggies Facebook page.