An Erie County business is providing a unique, hands-on creation, and its coming after a rough start thanks to COVID-19. 

The McKean business boosted her offerings online. But now, it's all about the up close experience.

Creating candles. In just about any scent. There's 60 plus fragrances offered at Wicks and Wax located off Edinboro Rd. in McKean. 

"Once you come in here its just all about the experience and just enjoying each other," said Toski.

There's a living room area located right next to the bar, a candle making bar. 

Tammy Toski is the owner. She opened the business in March of 2020. 

"To be exact March 11th of 2020," said Toski. "Two days before the pandemic shutdown." 

Only after learning how to make candles over the course of two years. She said she wanted to bring the experience to Erie.

"I kind of fell in love with the experience," said Toski. 

An experience that had me, and two other ladies, Rebecca and Dawn creating our own candles.

First we chose our favorite fragrances. 

"Alright ladies," said Toski. "We are going to start with the wick." 

Then we did everything ourselves. From wrapping the wick, to measuring the scents, taking the temperature, and adding the wax. 

"It's something different that we've never done before," said Rebecca. 

She and Dawn were cashing in on a Christmas gift card. 

The space can also be rented out for private parties, and there's a mobile candle-making workshop. 

"So if you have a large group we can set up and bring the workshop to you," said Toski. 

Allowing you to put your own flair on the soy based creations. 

Toski will also be offering larger candles, wooden bowls with three wicks. She goes between this shop in McKean and the Wicks and Wax store her "daughter" opened in Greensburg, PA.