After a weekend full of downed trees, and other weather related issues at homes, work got underway in Northwest Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio to help customers in need.

The company SERVPRO has a big footprint in this area, but their emergency related work is just part of what the company does.

We check out how else the locally owned business can help customers on a daily basis, in this weeks
Giving you the Business Report.

After fire or water damage, SERVPRO will come in and cleanup the mess, dry it to pre-loss conditions, and make any needed repairs. 

"There are over 2,000 SERVPRO franchises," said Andrew Dobson. "We actually work as a network to provide the necessary services to any area no matter how big or how chaotic the situation might be.

Andrew Dobson and his family own this franchise, servicing Northwest PA and Northeast Ohio. It's one of four satellite locations supported by the main location in Warren, Ohio. 

"We're actually part of what's called a large loss response team," said Dobson. "We travel the country and we service things like hurricanes, and tornadoes." 

Residential jobs are what keeps the business busy on a daily basis, like carpet cleaning and duct cleaning. 

"Subpump failures sewer and drain backups roof leaks, we handle those as well," said Dobson. 

This branch services about 20 local employees doing emergency work and the other daily services. It starts with a trained technician visiting to access damage or a situation. 

This Erie County location off Buffalo Rd. opened in 2020 and the equipment here services not only clients in Erie and Warren Counties, but in Crawford County too. 

SERVPRO serves clients who may be dealing with great loss. 

"Emergency services will happen that day. A lot of times people want their carpets or ducts cleaned they'll schedule that out for a week or two," said Dobson. "But certainly we're able to facilitate in an emergency manner too, especially if you have Thanksgiving right around the corner or something right around the corner and we need to scale up community needs sometimes."

It starts with a SERVPRO staffer visiting to access damage or a situation. 

"What we're able to do is draw on that SERVPRO network and SERVPRO community and be able to meet the needs of the community no matter what season we're in what catastrophe has hit and be able to provide those services and get them taken care of," said Dobson. 

On Monday, following some destructive storms in the region, SERVPRO crews were out roof tarps and board up in Crawford County, and into the Youngstown, Ohio.

One of the benefits of the SERVPRO franchise and being able to work together.