Saegertown restaurant "The Factory Restaurant" is giving out free meals and coffee to first responders and electrical linemen who are working to return power to the area after Saturday's storm.

With many linemen working 16 hours a day to restore power to the area, The Factory Restaurant says they wanted to show their appreciation.

"[I had a] table of them this morning," said waitress Kelly Smith. "They were getting ready to go out to work for the day, and when they ordered they were like 'this is probably our last meal till 10 p.m.' So when they go out to work, they are working for a long stretch of time without any [food]."

But with over 1,500 households still without power in Crawford County as of the time of writing, many residents are still waiting for their electricity to return.

"We lost power probably about a quarter to four on Saturday afternoon, and we've been without it since," said Fred Oakman, a resident of West Mead Township who is taking refuge at the Factory Restaurant with his wife.

"We're just hanging in there together and becoming little bohemians. We're learning to live a little more meagerly and appreciate what we have."

Oakman says he and his wife have been using their adult children's homes to take showers and use the bathroom.

Penelec says they hope to restore power to all of Crawford county by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Penelec hopes to fully restore power to Mercer county by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29th.