We are yet again highlighting the successful people here at home with our ongoing series Erie Success Stories.

This week, we sat down with Marva Morris, the first and only African American female in the country to head an energy drink brand to learn more about her and her growing business.

Marva Morris, the Owner and CEO of Zenedge energy drinks, have been extremely successful in the business world. Of her many accomplishments, she feels her biggest success was raising her children.

Morris considers all her children successful. Not because of their wealth or fame, but because she was able to raise them to believe in God, have a good moral compass, and see the value in a good education.

"I remember the day. I said I was going to declare excellence in their lives. I'm going to be the very best I can be," said Morris.

Morris put a pause on her life as a businesswoman to prioritize her children first. Now, her children are independent, and Morris has transitioned back to perusing her passion as an entrepreneur.

It is a passion for because I am able to share what I believe about health and wellness to the Erie community and hopefully to the world someday."

Moving forward, her goal is to lead by example. both her children and the entire Erie community.