Maintaining a home is costly, and ongoing. When something needs fixed, technicians can now be found in 'seconds' with launch of a local app. 

I have the details in this week's Giving you the Business Report. 

Finding a handyman to tackle small jobs can now be done with with a few swipes on a smart-phone. 

"Homeowners are really struggling to get services done at home," said Bob Troutman, Founder. 

Bob Troutman knows that well. He's a longtime general contractor in the Erie area. He created this app, called: Fixed HHS: Home Handyman Services. 

People can download the app, choose the type of job the need help with and take photo of what needs to be fixed from plumbing to help with handrails and even putting up holiday lights. 

Customers then pick the vetted technician of their choosing based on bios and years of experience. 

"So, with technology we basically put the scheduling in their hands so they'll download in the app," said Troutman. "They'll be able to schedule the time."

There is a fee for a technicians visit. 

"They'll be able to provide them with a digital estimate that they'll be able to load into their account to show if a customer is happy with the estimate they will just sign on the form," said Troutman. "We'll do the service they will pay digitally."

So, if you can't download an app on your phone you can still utilize the business by calling a phone number or using its website

Bob worked locally with the company Ghost Creative to develop the app,  he launched the digital business at Erie's recent Home and Garden Expo. 

Right now, services are being offered in Erie and Crawford Counties With plans to expand and get customers the quick response they need.

Bob tells me this has been in the works for the past four years. He would always get calls for the small jobs, when he was on big ones. And the expo was the perfect place to showcase the app. He is getting interest from property managers and realtors already.