Garage doors have evolved, and an area company is helping home and business owners be as traditional or cutting edge as they wish. 

John Day keeps his tools in the garage, just in case. It's not his garage at home, it's at work. He's a project manager for Overhead Doors of Franklin and Greater Erie.

From industrial, commercial, and residential, with the help of a staff of more than 25, the company creates custom doors all throughout the region. 

"We started back in the day of wood doors like you see on most of the houses around and then the whole entry service has developed into high speed doors, insulated doors, we service dock equipment," said Daniel. 

Daniel Shoenfelt is the sales manager. 

"Overhead Door was the original garage door manufacturer," said Daniel. "They started making garage doors over 100 years ago and we are a distributor of them." 

Overhead Door of Franklin and Greater Erie is a distributor of them. They have been serving the Erie area for more than 50 years.

That means residential jobs, all the way to fire departments. And any service is the same: On call 24-7, for both residential & commercial.

"If you are a big plant and your door is down holding up production," said John Day, Erie Project Manager. "You call us we can be 'Johnny on Spot', so to speak, and make the repair." 

And if you need a repair but didn't purchase a door or garage box with the company, Daniel says, "[It's] Not a problem we service every manufacturer of garage doors." 

Their  physical location is located off Irwin Drive off Pittsburgh Avenue. Its also where the general public can come if they want to purchase any parts for any home projects they are doing with garage doors.  

To make your home or business safe and productive.  Estimates are always free, and most of the doors the company sells from a certain brand are made right in Pennsylvania.