Millcreek Township unveiled its new seal to community members and officials in the Municipal Building on Friday, April 14th. 

The Township said the design comes with a renewed commitment to the Millcreek community in the form of a new mission, vision, and values. 

Residents were able to provide input during a recent survey regarding specific imagery and phrases they associated with Millcreek. The results were interpreted by the design team and sent to a graphic design consultant for finalization. 

The new seal symbolizes Millcreek Township. The six stars represent the six values of: family, industry, recreation, sustainability, safety, and stewardship; the three colors showcase distinct landscapes and Millcreek's governance under three elected supervisors, and the white ring illustrates Millcreek's position as the Gateway District. 

Additionally, the new design will be featured on future letterheads, business cards, signage, vehicles, work shirts, and more. 

The Township is encouraging residents to visit Millcreek's social media to take the Millcreek Made survey

More information can be found on Millcreek Township's website