Some changes are being made to the plans to build tiny homes for veterans at the Erie Sports Center.

For the last six months, the Erie Sports Center has been working with Bookwell Travel out of Connecticut, to build 20 500-square-foot homes on the center's property.

However, according to Bookwell Travel founder Brian Gates, the homes do not meet Summit Township's zoning requirements.

Gates plans to now build two-bedroom duplexes or townhouses instead.

"They have to be 720-square-feet, so we decided to go 800-square-feet," said Gates.  "It's easy to build and better, but also they will all be two-bedroom units."

Gates also wants to build a new American Legion post with 12 apartments, along with a greenhouse that will provide the veterans with jobs.

The project aims to help veterans who are homeless or transitioning back to civilian life.

"Communities mean everything," said Gates.  "When someone struggles in any community at all, all business people get together and just help the person out to do the right thing.  We want to have a thing where if someone is in need, they can reach out to us."

Gates says he hopes to receive approval from Summit Township in the next four to six weeks.