When it comes to office supplies, they certainly can be found inside a long time, franchise with local footprint in Erie County. But there's more than just paper, printers, and desk chairs.

You can walk down the isles of Staples, finding phone accessories, furniture, and just about any type of printer paper you need.

Since 2011, the retail store has has been located off Keystone Drive. But its Erie County footprint started in 1996.

Kyle Ward is the general manager of the Erie County location.

He says busiest area of the store, is the print department.

"We can do mostly invitations, we can do them within a day, 24 hours, turn them in a day," said Ward. "We do a lot of menus for local businesses, local restaurants." 

Business cards and invitations are also done here. They can be created online and picked up, even paid for at the local store. 

Did you know that passport photos can also be taken at Staples? Photos can be emailed to you or printed out right away.

The store even helps with returns from other retailers.

"We have a shipping service we run through UPS," said Ward. "Also we have partners with un-packaged returns like express returns happy returns just bring them in here and we will take care of them for you."  

Recycling. Yup. Done here too. Staples takes unwanted tech devices at no charge, and at any time throughout the year.

That includes cell phones and laptops, computers, keyboards, and printers.

Cleaning supplies are also in stock, and so are technicians to provide computer users with free virus checks. 

All at a big retailer with a broad community connection. 

If you bring in old tech equipment, and you are a rewards members, you get $2 back in rewards and you can get $10 back with a program now through June 17th.

Details on what is accepted is on the Staples website