Professor Fred Hoffman, assistant professor of Intelligence Studies, at Mercyhurst University is an intelligence and national security expert. He believes that Ukraine will defeat Russia in their ongoing war.

"If the Ukrainians break through in a couple of places and make some rapid strides, it is going to be like the Russian Front in 1917, it is going to be panic," Hoffman said.

Hoffman thinks that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have faith in his military leaders. "Putin cannot trust them because if they get too popular they become a political threat, that is the problem with an autocracy, you cannot trust your own military," he said.

According to Hoffman, the autocracy that Putin has built will lead to his downfall. "When you are an autocrat and all of a sudden things are not going according to plan then you have other people like the oligarchs that are just losing unbelievable amounts of money so the knives are sharpening," he said.

"This is a battle between good and evil, the Ukrainians want to be like western Europe," he said.