A spot in Erie, started by a local couple, has grown to be a very popular place. This week's Community Gem has us take a step back in time to enjoy toys. Toys that may have shaped your childhood, or that you may be looking to collect.

And speaking from experience, when you visit, give yourself time, to take it all in. 

Legos, comics, and collectable characters. ACTIONTOYMAN is the spot to see them in one place.

Action figures greet you at the door of the 26th Street store in Erie, a place that will have your eyes darting in all directions.

"Some people bring me van loads some people bring me a show box," said Patrick Short. 

Patrick Short is the owner, he opened the business in 2010. The first month was 100 percent his collection. 

"I was a collector for a long time," said Short. "And I put it all out there and said is this gonna work?"

It has. With the help of his wife, Jessica, who is also a novelty toy collector.

A big part of their business, is consignment, with the majority being: "Action figure related stuff from the 60s 70s 80s 90s up even through today," said Short. 

But there's more. Aisles and aisles of items, a room full of classic comic books to sift through. 

Even a bargain basement where you can fill a basket with these bin toys for $10.

Sift through sports cards, from baseball to golf, and check out all types of figurines and toys from the past few decades.

Playing arcade games in this lounge area. It's one of the newest editions to the shop and its also a place where families can come and play for beverages and snacks too. 

That's in the shop's upper level where you can also find records, videos and wrestling figures including an area showcasing autographed items from visiting wrestlers.

"We have an excellent promoter who is working with the wrestling industry and we're one of the stops on his tours," said Jessica Short. 

And speaking of tours, Jessica is a big driver of coming to visit. As she host a live TikTok show on Sundays.

"I love being an ambassador for Erie and to tell everyone its not just about ACTIONTOYMAN," said Jessica. "We want you to come here but we want you to see our whole town because its worth coming here for a vacation, and its worth a road trip." 

It really is. Patrick and Jessica have really built up rapports with customers, and the community.

They host annual Toys for Tots and Diaper Drive events to give back to families in the Erie-area.

And about visiting, ACTIONTOYMAN is open Thursdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.