A contributor to the Erie economy and a help to local businesses is travel and tourism. So, for National Travel and Tourism Week, VisitErie hosted an open house to shine light on the influence travel has and what travel destinations are in the area.

"So, we thought it'd be great to just have like an open house kickoff event to just celebrate tourism and tourism in Erie county. It's so important. It's such a vital part of our economy. It generates over $1,000,000,000 every year," Communications Director for VisitErie, Christine Temple said.

There were multiple vendors from local businesses like Isle Surf & Skate, the Purrista Cafe, Playport, and more. Temple says one of the great things about Erie as a destination spot, is that Erie has a full four seasons.

"The nice thing about Erie, is we're not just a summertime destination. We're a four season destination. So, we're able to show off all different kinds of attractions, whether it's a water-based activity or the wineries or the distilleries, theater. We've got so much every month of the year. This is the perfect opportunity for us to show it off," Temple said.

Pat and Dan Mayton, residents of Edinboro, were at the event and even though they're from the area, learning about what businesses there are and activities are available was still helpful.

"Went to lots of the different booths and talked to a lot of the vendors and people telling us things. We have family coming in from out of the country, from Paris, France, and so, we were trying to get some ideas of things you might want to do with them when they come here," Pat Mayton said.