A small Western Pennsylvania, family-owned business is growing in Erie county. They are behind a well- known coffee chain, and just opened their 10th location.

David Learn says he has lived in Harborcreek for more than 50 years. For the past few, he's been the district manager for Dalrt Inc., which owns Dunkin Donuts locations in Northwest Pennsylvania.

"Ever since I came onto this company we were talking about different locations to open up and when the Harborcreek location came up, I'm like oh my God, it would be a great spot to put it in," said David. 

The grand opening was April 25th, 2023, after being in the works for three years.

The Harborcreek location is store number 10 under the owners of the Western Pa. company & many of the workers inside here, at this location, are actually from Harborcreek or live nearby.

A local feel is what the owners aim for this Dunkin along with others in the area is owned by Dalrt Incorporated.

Mom and dad: Don and Annette opened their first Dunkin 40 years ago. Their three daughters now run the New Castle based business.

"It's Dalrt Inc.," said Margaret Noel, PR director. "So, its their initials, Don and Annette, Leanne, Randi and Taylor." 

Margaret Noel is the company Public Relations Director.

She says the family owned business has 200 employees and plans for expanding in Erie county.

Next up, is on West 26th Street in Erie in the former First National Bank location.

"So, that will be opening this summer, in about 6 to 8 weeks is what we expect and then we have a location on West 38th Street and then over in Girard," said Noel. 

They will all be the next gen Dunkins locations, like in Harborcreek. Which provides all the types of donuts, Dunkin offers, along with muffins and other food items, and now, nitro brew coffee. 

"It kind of has a Guinness Beer type of look to it as it flows into the glass," said Noel. 

But the most popular at this Erie county location is iced coffee. 

The Western Pennsylvania family owned Dunkins also include ones in Edinboro, Grove City, New Castle and the locations on West 12th & upper Peach Street and right outside the Millcreek Mall in Erie county.