Our weekly series, Remembering our Veterans continues with the story of Nicole Sloan Konderlick. 

Nicole Sloan Konderlick is the Chief Public Defender at the Erie County Pa. Public Defenders Office. Nicole purposely assigned herself to veterans court. 

Nicole enlisted in the Army in 1990 and was commissioned in Army Air Defense Artillery in 1994. 

"I am very proud of the fact that I served my country, and working in with the veterans court every Tuesday, it allows me the opportunity to remember what it was like," said Nicole. "The camaraderie, taking care of each other." 

Watching veterans grow and heal in the court room is the reason she is so involved.

"The mentorship program here at the Veterans Court is the secret sauce," said Nicole. "Everybody comes together but those mentors are not only helping participants of the programs on Tuesday but throughout the week as well, you always have a Battle Buddy that has your back." 

The military journey she took before her law career sticks with her everyday. 

"Even as early as training, you're going through these processes that are exceptionally unpleasant, they do that for a reason so when you're called to serve in a conflict you're prepared for that. As you're going through these experiences you form these bonds with other people," said Nicole. "I really can't see anything in civilian life that's similar to that. How close you get to individuals that you're serving with because of the shared experiences that you're going through."

Her passion for her job and for veterans is quite evident. Nicole Sloan Konderlick, thank you for your service.