As prom season and summer approach, students at Fort LeBoeuf High School were reminded to not drink and drive with a realistic simulation of the immediate aftermath of a drunk driving crash.

The Thursday morning event featured several actors with mock injuries, two crashed cars, and first responders.

The simulation was organized by members of Lead F.L.B., a student-run leadership club at Fort LeBoeuf High School.

"Seeing is believing and most people don't really see [the] accidents [after] drunk driving," said Madison Shields, Communicator for Lead F.L.B. "We were hoping that this would be a more impactful way to spread awareness [of drunk driving]."

Warmer weather and prom season typically means more underage drinking and drunk driving incidents, according to former Pennsylvania State Trooper Mike Fox.

"We always see an influx of underage drinking, possibly the DUI this time of year," said Fox, who also acts as a police officer for Fort LeBoeuf School District.

Those with knowledge of underage drinking are encouraged to contact the Pennsylvania State Police at 1-888-UNDER21. It is a toll-free number and all calls are anonymous.