This week's gem is quite possibly the most recognizable symbol of Erie. A majestic view from 187 feet up, Erie's Bicentennial Tower overlooks all the Bayfront activity, and into parts of the city.

Tim Sedney grew up along the Bayfront, with the family owned businesses. He now operates Hidden Harbor Water Rentals.

"Three restaurants a couple of tour boats and we are the operators of the Bicentennial Tower," said Sedney. 

The grandiose structure he started to oversee operations on just last April, but the beginnings of this tower started in 1995.

Construction was completed in  the next year, 1996.

"The deck we're standing on right now is 137 feet and the deck below with the colorful mural on it is 17 feet," said Sedney. 

Tim wants to bring in a food trailer to that spot this summer so visitors can eat and enjoy the views.

"On the west side of the building by the concession stand," said Sedney. "We also are putting in a small patio down there so people can sit outside." 

The concession stand offers food, drinks and souvenirs. It's also the place to purchase a ticket to the top of the tower.

"It's all I knew growing up I was always down here," said Taylor Dyne, General Manger. 

Taylor Dyne is Tim Sedney's daughter. She manages one of the family businesses, and realizes the importance of what's in her reach.

"It really signifies Erie, it signifies our Bayfront it serves as a guide for boats coming into the harbor," said Taylor. 

Coming up to the very top of the tower is something that can be done for free on the first Tuesday of every month and that is throughout the whole year. When you come up and see these views you might also on a clear day be able to potentially spot Canada. 

Livelihood on the lake for a family and community.

"This waterfront is our gem," said Sedney. "This is what it's all about."